14 Aprile 2019


I’m a snowdrop that blossoms on a glass field in the middle of the summer without causing any crack. I’m bound to become a sun shard […]
17 Marzo 2019

Sooty Riot

I sit on a cloud made of dust, the dust of dust. A universe is held inside to filter rays of a burning spirit and that […]
11 Febbraio 2019


This is the day I start looking at, for and through life. I look through the window and I see an old brown building that reminds […]
28 Dicembre 2018


Jostling among the stars what is in my cards? Am I looking for an easy life, or should I follow the magic fife? What I know […]
4 Dicembre 2018

The White Queen

Cold bones frozen heart, her angels don’t cry her demons fly. Did she fade away? Did she run away? I don’t know. Cold heart frozen bones […]
22 Ottobre 2018

The forgotten trail

You, renegade, have no wings to soar. You can’t live the present, your soul is flying with no defense, to reach something you don’t know yet. […]